QualityWings Simulations Ultimate 787 update incl 787-10 uitgekomen


Voor de QualityWings 787 bezitters is er goed nieuws. uitgekomen is de 1.2 update die naast vele verbeteringen en extra’s ook de 787-10 ”The Dash 10” toevoegt aan uw Boeing 787 Dreamliner modellen. U kunt de nieuwe installer / updater downloaden vanwaar u haar aangeschaft heeft.

The QualityWings Simulations Ultimate 787 will soon see an update to version 1.2, which will include the long-anticipated 787-10. The stretched variant sacrifices range but adds additional capacity and of course, different flight characteristics. With a release not far off (hopefully), the team has released a brand new trailer showing off the new aircraft from QualityWings.

As per their most recent update (from June), the aircraft will not just be an additional visual model, but various aspects of the aircraft have been recreated for the sim including take-off and landing behaviour. Furthermore, the 1.2 update will also include GSX integration, vPilot support, engine-windmilling and a totally reworked weather radar.

Finally, a range of liveries is now available to download from the QualityWings Simulations website. Some liveries include the Boeing Dreamliner Dash 10, United Airlines and KLM.

Once the update has been released, we will let you know.

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