Gratis MiG-25RBT module voor DCS world V2.5+ in de maak


The BIG boys are coming! Bekend om haar twee grote Tumansky R-15 motoren is de Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-25RBT oftewel de ”FOXBAT-B”. Dit type uit de MIG-25 ”’FOXBAT” serie werd ontwikkeld als verkenningstoestel oftewel ”Reconnaissance aircraft”. Deze module wordt ontwikkeld door Vapour Labs. De releasedate is overigens nog niet bekend. Maar aan de bovenstaande video te zien schiet het al aardig op.

The MiG-25RBT is a twin-engine, single-seat, supersonic reconnaissance/bomber developed by Mikoyan-Gurevich for the Soviet Air Defense Force (PVO). The MiG-25RBT (NATO Reporting Name “FOXBAT-B”) was a development of the MiG-25RBV, but with a new SIGINT package known as “Tangazh'” in place of the “Virazh” carried by the RBV. The Tangazh had a wider range of detectable radars and the RBT also was provided with a new radar warning receiver.

On 06 July 2019, we are pleased to make this announcement to the community of Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) World.

For the past 9 Months, our coders over at Vapour Labs have been working hard to strive for a better experience of flight and combat in DCS World. By working with new methods that emphasize the effort of prioritizing certain areas of progression, we now feel comfortable to make this reveal. Vapour Labs are happy to announce the DCS: MiG-25RBT Foxbat as a free mod to DCS World.

The MiG-25, given the NATO codename “Foxbat” took to the skies for its debut flight in 1964 and entered service in 1970 as a high-altitude interceptor for the Soviet Union. The MiG-25 is now under a limited service program using reconnaissance variants of the aircraft. This aircraft was designed with the intent to intercept the cancelled development program of the XB-70 Valkyrie, being led by the United States. It would later be re-purposed for attempting to intercept the infamous SR-71 Blackbird, a high speed reconnaissance aircraft used by NASA and the United States Air Force. (USAF) We at Vapour Labs chose the MiG-25 for its historical significance and personal preference. The RBT is a late generation of the Reconnaissance Bomber (RB) series.

Our aircraft variant shares mostly upgraded engines, an ELINT camera, (which is currently not functional in the beta build, but will be later on for when you take a screenshot while flying inside of the cockpit view) and automatic bomb dispersion. We aim for this mod to be the most accurate simulation of the MiG-25RBT variant to ever exist in DCS World as freeware.

The main key features of this mod will conclude:

  • Highly accurate 3D models of the outer (external) and cockpit. By using new methods, such as Photogrammetry, (photo/3D scanning) we are able to scan real life objects to the best, down to millimetres in scale allowing for incredible levels of detail.
  • 6 Degrees of Freedom (6DOF) movement within the cockpit. This lets the user experience the true immersion within their cockpit of the aircraft.
  • Photo-realistic Based Rending (PBR) textures within the external and cockpit models. These are absolutely crucial to recreating the classic feel of wear and tear in an old Soviet-era aircraft.
  • Accurately coded systems in the External Systems Model, (ESM) and professionally done External Flight Model (EFM). All members of the Vapour Labs team believe in having the most realistic feel of an aircraft being made, along with the systems so they may be used in a later point in time if one ever decides to fly this for demonstration/educational purposes.
  • A huge part to the mod project of the MiG-25RBT, Vapour Labs wishes to choose the path of re-creating every use of the aircraft in its state. This means to us re-creating the models and not depending on the current state of DCS pre-made armament. As such we have re-done models of the armament, such as the FAB-250 and -500, for the mod.
  • We decided to produce a late generation of the MiG-25RB reconnaissance variant, with the ‘T’ series of upgrades to cover over some barriers in systems coding and modelling. Some of these effects include, such as, but is not limited to: over-wing/canard vapour effects, engine incineration/flame-out, and more to come!

Before we would like to go any further into details about our mod project, we would like to introduce a basic FAQ section. (which will in time be consistently updated for those new to this project)

Q: Will this be a freeware or payware product?
A: This will be completely free to download and use.

Q: Does the mod require any specific module to be installed to work? FC3 etc.
A. No, the mod uses DCS base code and does not require any paid module to be installed to work.

Q: When will you be releasing this mod?
A: We do not have a release date planned yet. We want to get the mod to as advanced a state as we can before releasing it to the public. We currently estimate the project to take about 2 years from now to reach a state of completion, and we will share more information regularly along the way on the mod’s progress!

Q: Are you planning on going for 3rd party status in the future?
A: At this time, we have no plans as to regards of becoming a 3rd party. Our mission is to give the DCS World community a mod that they will enjoy for free with the quality of any other module.

Vapour Labs have decided to use two social media platforms: Facebook and Discord. Our discord server is currently internal to the development team only, but we plan on sharing more about it in the near future.

Below are several renders of the current state of progress in our mod project. Along with our renders, we have decided to create a teaser trailer of our aircraft and what it plans to bring. We would like to place in a reminder that everything that is shown is always subject to change and does not represent our final product. We hope you enjoy the renders, and our trailer!

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