Een addon soort welke ik vanaf dag één miste binnen X-Plane V11 is een addon zoals wat ”EZDOK Camera” is voor P3D/FSX. Maar nu is zo’n addon er ook voor X-Plane V11+. En wat voor eentje! Ik zou zeggen ”bekijk de bovenstaande video en geniet!” 🙂  Hier verkrijgbaar op ons eigen Simmarket voor 25.56 Euro incl btw.

Flying in turbulence will increase difficulties. Flights on fighters aircraft will be unforgettable.
You will enjoy the effects of vibration during operation of the turbo prop, the spoilers, gears, as well as many new effects..

This product is compatible with all aircraft. Comes with ready settings.
This product is fully compatibility with X-Camera 2.3.3 Beta 4.
This product is stand-alone plugin, you don’t need install any applications for use that.


  • Fully custom camera engine
  • Smooth camera movement
  • Horizon hold mode
  • Pitch hold mode
  • Roll hold mode
  • G-Force implementation
  • G-Force camera shaking
  • Camera response to the runway surface
  • Camera response to landing gear
  • Camera response to flaps extension
  • Camera response to gear extension
  • Camera response to speed brakes extension
  • Camera response to STALL
  • Camera response to OVERSPEED
  • Camera response to longitudinal overload
  • Camera response to side overload
  • Overloads implementation
  • Custom Sound Engine
  • Custom thunder sounds
  • Custom turbulence sounds
  • Custom fire sounds
  • Custom stall sounds
  • Custom engine vibration effect
  • Touchdown effect
  • Easy adjustable interface
  • Ability to make custom preset
  • TrackIR compatibility
  • Synchronization with XP Replay
  • ASXP and other weather engines supported
  • Modern UI with 3 pages and dark theme
  • X-Camera compatibility
  • Smart zoom feature, you need scroll mouse for get a generated quick view from position of you mouse

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