Aeroplane Heaven werkt aan DC-3 / C-47


Ik zou zeggen ”Schrik niet van het detail”. Ter ere van de helden die ruim 75 jaar geleden betrokken waren bij ”D”day op 6 Juni heeft Aeroplane Heaven bekend gemaakt te werken aan de DC-3 (Dakota), en bovenal ook haar militaire zus de C-47 (Skytrain) voor P3D V4.4 en hoger. U vind alle info hier, of lees verder.


Today, June 6, marks the 75th anniversary of “D” Day.

So, we are announcing our homage to the almighty Douglas C-47 and in particular, “That’s all Brother”, the C-47 that led the armada of Skytrains across the English Channel to Normandy on that fateful day.

This is perhaps, our most challenging and rewarding project to date. Simply, because we are going all out to provide themost detailed, Hi-Definition models of this aeroplane,ever produced.

Features will include –

C-47 Military and DC3 Dakota civilian versions with a wide choice of liveries.

Hi Definition modeling in full, accurate detail, down to wire-strand locking wires on components in the cockpit and fully modelled gauges with correct assemblies and 3D needles and all dials with raised paint markings etc.

Hi Definition PBR textures INSIDE and OUT with highly realistic fabrics, metals and paintwork, ageing and weathering effects.

“On-the fly” configuration panel allows you to change liveries, colours, materials and ageing effects whilst flying.

Although we can’t make it for “D” Day, she’s on the front burner now and will be available this year.

Currently we are making for P3DV4.4+ ONLY (due to workload on PBR etc.) but depending on demand, we will look at other sims.

We also plan to provide “That’s all Brother” in as complete a history as possible from original as in 1944 right through to today’s restoration and all the owners in between.

Keep checking in for more details.

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