Ultra Weather XP 2.5.1 en Pro versie komen eraan


Voor de gebruikers van Ultra Weather XP voor X-Plane V11+ komt er binnen twee weken een grote en gratis update aan welke EINDELIJK ervoor zorgt dat er o.a. geen limiet meer zit in hoever we wolken zien binnen deze sim. Mocht u zelfs nog meer moois willen naast de meegeleverde updates kunt u later ook kiezen om voor 10 USD te upgraden naar de ”PRO” versie. (Van deze versie is nog geen releasedatum bekend). Oonderstaande foto’s laten u de verschillen zien tussen de standaard, en de ”PRO” versie.

It’s been a few days since the first teasers of Ultra Weather XP 2.5.1 were released, depicting a small update addressing issues the community had with the blue cloud-set in the pack. Today, the developers have dropped more previews of the update, showing they’ve passed a large limitation in X-Plane’s weather system.

In addition to this, the Almuntassir brothers have something else to show off with the announcement of Ultra Weather XP 2.5.1 Pro – an addition to the main package that will cost $10.

It’s important to note that the 2.5.1 update remains free, with the ‘Pro’ version being made available as an optional extra.

The announcement was dropped in with new previews of v2.5.1, the developer explaining that they’ve now surpassed a crucial limitation in X-Plane, fixing a “circle” effect when flying in 2.5. Here’s what head developer Abdullah had to say in a post on the UWXP Facebook group:

“We passed the limitation of X-Plane! No more circle of clouds around you under the clouds layer in low visibility conditions, even in maximum visibility we’ve increased the drawing of clouds even more.”

The developer is keeping the feature list of the additional $10 addon pack close to his chest, with no information available at this time.

Release of 2.5.1 is expected within 2 weeks as a free upgrade, with no release schedule for 2.5.1 Pro.

Thanks to timmetje2001 for submitting this news to us over on our Discord server.

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