Ultra Weather XP v2.5 Plugin komt bijna uit.


Nog eventjes geduld en we kunnen genieten van de nieuwste versie van Ultra Weather XP v2.5 voor X-Plane V11.30+ Hierboven alvast een mooie preview video en hieronder de lijst met nieuwe toevoegingen:

Ultra Weather 2.5 Change Log (when released)

  • Complete Advanced System Plugin to Enhance X-Plane Weather Visually.
  • Available for Windows Mac Linux.
  • Works via X-Plane default weather system and compatible with weather information plugins such as ASXP, FSGRW, NOAA.
  • Compatible with any other Plugins, Scripts which is not controls X-Plane weather visually.
  • Interface divided to multiple tabs supported by many of buttons and sliders which give the ability to change the settings immediately.
  • Dozen of Sky Colors for all weather conditions all times with two types of horizon and sun for each settings. (Spectacular & Normal Skies)
  • Dozen of Clouds Textures for all weather conditions with three available colors (Blue Grey White) and two sizes. (2K & 4K) for each Clouds textures.
  • Multiple Water colors.
  • Enhanced Automatic Mist control with three option Low, Mid, High to controls the fog depending in reported weather, and Manual Control via a slider.
  • Automatic Horizon Control with manual control via a slider.
  • Automatic Sun Glow Control with manual control via two sliders.
  • Automatic Sky Scattering.
  • Ability to increase the glow of the whole Simulator via a check mark. (Extra Gain)
  • Automatic Fog decreasing during sunset to avoid the illuminated fog under aircraft via a check mark. (Reduce Sunset Fog)
  • Ability to control the Saturation of sky color via a slider. (Sky Colors Depth)
  • Ability to increase Terrain range via a slider. (Terrain Distance)
  • Ability to control the brightness of the whole simulator via a slider. (Overall Brightness)
  • Ability to control the glow of the moon.
  • Textures changing randomly and separately, in each X-Plane restarts via one button for each textures. (Random Sky, Random Clouds, Random Water Colors)
  • Automatic and Manual Clouds brightness.
  • Automatic Clouds size and amount depending in reported weather with manual controls via separate sliders.
  • Automatic Avoid Cutoff to avoid cutted Clouds by Terrain, with manual control via a slider.
  • Ability to blend Clouds with terrain via a check mark. (Extra Blending)
  • Three Overcast Mode. (Puffy clouds, Normal Clouds, Flat Clouds)
  • Ability to reduce Flickering Clouds via three check marks.
  • Automatic Clouds coloring depending on sun position with multiple manual coloring sliders.
  • Ability to control the clouds shadow intensity via a slider. (Clouds Shadow Power)
  • Ability to increase the amount of puffs for โ€œFlying through Cloudsโ€ effect and for all clouds via two Separate sliders. (Amount of in + Out Clouds puffs)
  • Automatic Water Waves control with multiple Manual controls via sliders.
  • Ability to turn water reflection on or off via a check mark.
  • Ability to control water waves speed via a slider.
  • Custom Lights Textures, with ground and objects illuminating effects.
  • Ability to control the power of all lights.
  • Separate Sliders to control the power of far and near lights.
  • Automatic Night Haze which reflect night lights over the fog depending on cities size and turn it off while flying outside cities with Manual control via a slider.
  • Custom Thunder, Rain, Hail, and Ambient sounds.
  • Ability to control the Volume of Ambient sound via a slider.
  • Ability to turn all objects shadows on or off via a check mark.
  • Ability to control objects shadows resolution via a slider.
  • Ability to increase the range of objects shadows via a slider.
  • Ability to control the intensity of objects shadows via a slider. (Shadows Power)
  • Ability to change between Default X-Plane and Ultra Weather XP via check marks.

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nieuwste oudste meest gestemd
Kennis van

Ik heb hier goede resultaten mee. Eerst even registreren op de dedicated X-plane nieuwspagina:
http://www.x-plained.com als je de programma’s daar wilt downloaden.

I.c.m. Active Sky.
– FlyWithLua -> https://www.x-plained.com/flywithlua-for-x-plane-11/
– FlyAGI Tweak Utility -> https://www.x-plained.com/flyagi-tweak-utility/
– X-Visibility -> https://www.x-plained.com/x-visibility/

Meer uitleg en screenshots:

Ik vind het resultaat zeer geslaagd!

Wim van Dijk

Ik heb het even gekeken. Ik wordt nog steeds niet enthousiast over deze ‘weertextures’ add-on. De schaduwen van de wolken hebben een onrealistische lila kleurstelling. De wolkentextures hebben een herhalend karakter. Binnen een minuut had ik al een paar keer wolken gezien waarbij ik dacht: “Hรฉ herkenbaar”. Wel erg fraai is de manier waarop je tijdens het vliegen door de wolken heenbreekt. Wat betreft de bak aan licht bij vliegvelden in de nacht. Dit oogt mij te fors aangezet. De compressie van de texturekwaliteit zorgt er bij diverse wolkenpartijen voor dat de randen van de wolk als rand zichtbaar zijn.… Lees verder »