xAmbience voor X-Plane V11.30 uitgekomen

Een addon voor X-Plane V11.30 waar ik mij al heel lang op verheugde is xAmbience van HighSkyTech-xA, Deze addon zorgt voor verbluffende weereffecten, roadtextures  en nog veel meer binnen X-Plane V11.30. U vind alle info hieronder, en natuurlijk kunt u deze prachtige addon ook via dit linkje aanschaffen voor 34.95 USD.

xAmbience –  is an extremely powerful application that will enhance X-Plane visual environment:
Cloud features
  • Cloud draw system with draw special conditions
  • Custom cloud formation system
  • Advanced controls
  • Cloud lightning model, depends at real weather situation and time.
  • Custom cloud shadow system with realistic effects
  • 10 cloud texture solutions with automatic install in plugin
  • 2 Rendering types: Detailed, Simple.
  • Cloud illumination from ground lights
Atmosphere features
  • Atmosphere colors depends at real weather conditions.
  • Calculative sky with custom logic depends at real weather situation, air density, temperature and e.t.c.
  • Fog, mist, haze effect calculative and adjustable.
  • Shadow draw system.
  • No performance impacts, unlike other addons.
  • Sky raleigh depends at weather conditions, clouds situation, altitude and more..
  • Custom atmosphere rendering model.
  • Sky saturation controls
  • 16 sky colors with custom lightning effects
  • Advanced fog implementation with 3d effects
  • Sky city lights effects
Lights features
  • Lights can be flashed, have effects at haze, visibility aspects and more..
  • Custom effects at rain, fog and e.t.c.
Water features
  • Custom wave draw system
  • Wave draw system depends at real weather situation, sky colors, precip, storms, and e.t.c
  • Adjustable waves
  • 16 waves colors with change system
Other features
  • Seasons system, change system depends at real weather situation, also, supports custom scenery.
  • Plugin configurator with more sliders, settings, presets, and adaptive presets load system.
  • Custom lightness
  • Custom post processing effects
  • Custom cockpit shadow effects with immersive effects
  • Shadow intensity controls
  • Seasons implementation
  • Snow effects
W.I.P. features:
  • Particle snow (1.1)
  • Particle rain (1.1)
  • AdvancedFlow (Cloud flow, fog flow and e.t.c)
  • 3D puddles
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