X-VISION voor X-Plane V11.30

We moesten even geduld hebben, maar nu is X-Vision klaar gemaakt voor X-Plane V11.30. Deze nieuwste versie ( V1.20 ) is voor bestaande bezitters hier gratis te downloaden. Wilt u deze addon nieuw aanschaffen kunt u dit hier op Simmarket doen en kost u 21.77 EUR. Ikzelf bezit deze addon ook en vind het een geweldige addon. Het maakt echt een verschil wat betreft het uiterlijk van X-Plane V11+

Main features:

Simple and user-friendly

  • Strict control of X-Plane core shaders integrity and easy recovery original X-Plane shaders and visual resources.
  • Detailed illustrated help on each tweak and its parameters.
  • Implemented a detailed error logging system that will help to identify the problem(s) and fix them right away.
  • Customisable skin of tool interface with hiDPI support.
  • Easy to start: xVision installation package contains a couple of ready-to-use complete solutions with tweaks, scripts and textures.

X-Plane shaders tweaks

  • 15+ different tweaks with fully customisable options for clouds, lighting, terrain, atmosphere, water adjustments.
  • Option to tweak shader parameters via specific expressions makes adjustments extremely flexible.
  • In addition to the built-in tweaks and post-processing you can also create your own tweaks.


Post-processing effects. It does work with Virtual Reality environment

  • Post-process effects that can be used natively in X-Plane without external utilities.
  • Sepia, Curves, Levels, LiftGammaGain, Technicolor, Vibrance, LumaSharpen, DPX Cineon, Tonemap and more… adapted for X-Plane renderind engine.
  • Brightness, contrast, saturation adjustments.
  • Separate effects and adjustments for whole scene and for virtual cockpit.
  • Each post-process effect can use X-Plane specific variables that provide the additional flexibilty.

Visual resources and scripts management

  • Lua scripts for FlyWithLua plugin management.
  • Flexible visual resources installer (skycolors, clouds, spot lights, water textures and more…)
Henry Portelli
*Verified Product User*
2019-01-02 19:59:48
Tried a lot of other enhancement software but this one is amazing.Xplane11 has totally changed.Very easy to use.For those who don’t know, X-vision also works with multimonitors.I use a tablet for my GTN750 in popup mode,dragged to my tablet and X-vision works fine.

Larry Lacina
*Verified Product User*
2018-12-26 20:32:01
I must say I have tried many different enhancements to improve the washed out hazy look of X-Plane 11 but this is the most impressive and easiest to use and very little impact on performance. Also it works perfectly with 11.30 RC2. I am very impressed. It is a whole new X-Plane!

Rodney Price
*Verified Product User*
2018-09-22 12:32:35
Highly recommend this for Xplane , Makes every thing look so much better, so many options to tweak……

Alexander Dementiev:
2018-09-19 00:07:43
The very good tool for “New look” of your X-Plane 11. Easy to install, easy to configure and tons of possibilities for your sets. And yes, working well with many other “cloud addons”. Must have, INHO!
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