Aerosoft Airbus professional v1.2.1.1 update verkrijgbaar

De titel zegt het al, Deze A320 series Pro updater is verkrijgbaar via uw automatische bijgeleverde updater:


  • Checklist changes:
    • Flaps issue in combination with landings at high altitude fixed
    • Overlapping Seatbelt- and NO-PED-Calls after passing 10.000 feet: Solved
    • Cabin Signs during Descent: Now possible to switch both on before passing 10.000 (no more “clicking”)
    • CabinCrew: Serving sandwiches and drinks for flightcrew” sound file removed
  • Settings MCDU weather options now correctly saved
  • Cockpit printer, load sheet printing added
  • Exits height changed to make default gates better fitting
  • T.O INHIBIT” late trigger fixed
  • CLB PERF adapted for A320 IAE
  • Distance to TO point F-PLN page fixed
  • LBS/KG switching integrated into MCDU3 (menu OPTIONS/AIRCRAFT/WEIGHT UNIT)
  • Wrong base fix (not the closest one) for PD points was selected sometimes, fixed
  • Two or more HOLDs in the same flightplan, the IMM EXIT and distances are not correct for some of those HOLDs, fixed
  • Fix in HOLD: times mismatch, fixed
  • Misc fixes in distance to TO point (F-PLN page)
  • Active COM1 frequency was by default set to 128.290 in “Take-Off” and in “Turn Around” state. Now set to 128.300 to match the values from the other states…
  • CREW SUPPLY Pb now off in “COLD & DARK” state
  • Spoiler lever no longer in “ARM” position when loading “Turn Around” state
  • CTD caused by printer avoided
  • Fuel stuck at 2880 fixed
  • Several issues with ALT flightplan solved
  • Appearance of Landing Memo enhanced: Problems in mountainous areas and on glide slopes with a degree of more than 3° corrected
  • APU fuel consumption corrected for different situation
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