Dreamfoil Creations Bell 407 update


Dreamfoil Creations heeft hun prachtige payware Bell 407 voor X-Plane V11+ geüpdate naar versie 1.02, deze nieuwe installer is te downloaden via uw account, mocht u deze willen aanschaffen kan dit hier voor 35 USD.

Bell 407 for X-Plane 11.20 VR

Version 1.02

VR (Still testing)
– Added hotspots for all seats
– Added cyclic and collective manipulators
– Added external manipulators for Caps, Battery Compartment, GPU, Doors and Rotor ties
– Improved some manipulators axis to give an intuitive and natural movement
– Changed knob manipulators to made possible to spin them with touch controllers
****** SmartMenu still not working on VR! It’s not possible to draw or interact with plugins on VR at moment, we need to wait for further VR updates from Laminar ******

Improved basket objects so they work correctly with fog
– Fixed missing shadow for Ext_5 object
– Airspeed gauge now can go above 140kts (max 165kts)
– Climb going past 4000ft is also fixed
– Added missing nav light ball mesh on right side
– Removed vent windows prefill, it was causing artifacts

Refined turbine TRQ, MGT and NG values
– FADEC now modulate the fuel in order to keep MGT below max during startup

Flight model:
– New airfoils for Main and Tail Rotor
– Improved vertical fin incidence angle & airfoil
– Improved horizontal stabilizer incidence angle & airfoil, this results in a higher fwd cyclic requirement on cruise like real helicopter
– Fixed MR lateral cant angle
– MR Flap hinge is now set to correct position acordingly to maintenance manual
– Plugin tweak for below ETL taxing, helicopter should maintain the altitude at very low airspeeds
– Plugin driven TFE (Transverse Flow Effect)
– Improved TR min/max pitches for more realistic pedal hover and flight conditions
– Corrected MR blade chord size incorrectly set based on feet unit
– Added MR blade twist
– Repositioned all flight elements arms with precision acordingly to maintenance manual
– Adjusted aft and fwd CG limits

Added Flight-Model enhancements (ETL, TFE and Landing Gear friction)
– Added failures enhancements now it’s possible to disable them (Hotstart, Transmission overtorque, Tail rotor contact with tail boom)
– Added option to remove doors
– Removed interaction distance limit
– Improved multi-display handling, might fix the non clickable menu when running X-Plane on 2nd monitor

Controls now transition from normal to stabilized, no more abrupt changes when turning on/off
* SAS light will flash during transition to warn pilot, during this time avoid enabling any SAS feature like heading hold or vertical speed hold
* Transition time is available on global.cfg file, default = 5 seconds

– Improved PID values from vertical speed hold
– Increased altitude hold authority
– HeliSAS now disables if a hydraulic failure is identified
– Frahm damper dynamics are now disabled for hydraulic failure

Garmin power is now automatically set to ON during aircraft load with engines running
– Fixed ON/OFF commands acting as a toggle

Increased gain and added blade slap volume slider back

DreamFoil is now starting to work on the S300 (which is very close to be finished) and then, the much-awaited AS350.

Where to get the DreamFoil Creations Bell 407 update

If you have already purchased the 407 in the past, you should have it available in your X-Plane.org account. If not, go buy it right away! You won’t regret it!

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