DCS World: Strait of Hormuz Map Teaser



Een prachtige nieuwe pre-release video van de aankomende ”Strait of Hormuz Map” welke in de maak is voor DCS World.

The DCS: Strait of Hormuz map is the strategic choke point between the oil-rich Persian Gulf and the

rest of the world. Flanked by Iran to the North and western-supported UAE and Oman to the south, this has been one of the world’s most potentially dangerous flash points for decades. The region also includes the vast Arabian Sea that is well-suited to combat aircraft carrier operations. Be it from land bases in Iran, UAE and Oman, or from the deck of an aircraft carrier, the DCS: Strait of Hormuz map will offer a wide array combat mission scenarios to prove your metal. Key Features of the DCS: Strait of Hormuz Map: • 90,000 sq nm highly detailed map area that centers on the Strait of Hormuz. • As part of DCS World 2.5, it will support highly detailed terrain, textures, and buildings. • Numerous, accurately rendered airbases in Iran, the UAE and Oman. • Detailed cities such as Dubai and Bandar Abbas with unique buildings. • “Strong Hold” islands such as Abu Musa and Greater Tunb. • Iran, the UAE and Oman will be added to the list of DCS World nations.


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