PTA 2.60 voor P3D V4.1 Released!


Voor de bezitters van het handige en bovenal mooie PTA voor prepar3D V4 is er goed nieuws! Versie 2.60 is vandaag uitgekomen voor P3D V4.1¬† en gratis te downloaden voor de bezitters van eerdere versies, Even inloggen op de site en V2.60 downloaden en ”you are ready for take off! in P3D V4.1 , Mocht u PTA nog niet hebben, Hier gelijk ook te koop

Take Back Control Of YOUR Sim

The main purpose of PTA is to allow you to tweak your Prepar3D config & shaders resulting in the ultimate, aesthetically pleasing (eye-catching), virtual flight experience. Basically, it’ll look INCREDIBLE.

Using PTA, you can apply tweaks in a fast and convenient way without manually editing files or any of that other confusing rubbish. As a famous Flight Simulation development company once said – it’s “Complexity Simplified”.

Strong & Stable – User Friendly

Using the latest and greatest technologies, we’ve created a user experience that is unrivalled.

We’ve also implemented strict control of the core sim, so should you f*** it up (which let’s face it, you most probably will), hit revert and it’ll put you right back at the start.

We’ve even included tooltips for every single customizable setting, just in case you want to understand what you’re doing.

Should you still manage to break it, we’ve implemented a detailed error logging system that will help us identify the problem(s) and fix them right away.

Finally, we’ve given you the option to choose from various “skins” for the tool. We even support HiDPI – so for those of you who are running 4k screens, you won’t have to use a magnifying glass to actually see what you’re doing.


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