FSW – Community Update 9 (v1.19566)


Update 9 is uit voor Flight Sim World. Een aantal bugs met trueSKY zijn verholpen en nog een aantal ‘kleine’ items zijn aangepakt. Lees er meer over hier


  • Cirrus cloud layer added to the “Sunny Day” weather theme.
  • Overall lighting rebalanced.
  • Visual improvements to Cirrus clouds
  • SSAO improved in overcast conditions
  • Snow direction and tree flickering functionality improved for users with multiple monitors

Please note: we’re still working with Simul to address issues with the movement of clouds




  • Alternator switch animation and tooltip corrected.
  • Corrected alternator on/off labelling.

PA-28 Cherokee

  • Autopilot LED now activates when switched on.
  • ASI needle animation corrected
  • Rain effect no longer visible on DV panel when window is opened.

PA-34 Seneca

  • Rain effect no longer visible on DV panel when window is opened.
  • Improved night lighting on yoke
  • Mesh tear above pilot’s left window corrected.
  • Center console fuel levers, cabin temperature, and air source switches now functional
  • Appearance of elevator trim switch annunciator improved.
  • GTX327 LCD screen appearance improved.
  • SYS55X LCD screens improved in appearance.

PA-46 Malibu Mirage

  • Rain effect no longer visible on DV panel when window is opened


  • Added “wig-wag” landing light effect


  • Fixed overlapping text on FPL screens.
  • PITOT FAIL and FUEL TEMP ANUN warning message functionality added
  • AP TRIM FAIL warning message functionality added


  • Will now fail if a transponder failure is activated


  • Weather settings now default to “high”.
  • ‘Show compass’ setting changes now persist across sessions


  • Cold and Dark option now moved to main flight planner dialogue.
  • Visual improvements to Cold and Dark Checklist.


  • Night lighting improved for buildings
  • Major road lights (motorways, highways, a roads) more visible at night.
  • Saitek Pro Flight trim wheel controller now officially supported.

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