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We kennen het allemaal wel, Familie, Vrienden, Buren, Collega’s, Iedereen op vakantie, maar jijzelf gaat nog, Bent al geweest. Of blijft deze keer thuis…………………………. Maar voor alle thuisblijvers hoeft dit helemaal niet zo erg te zijn! 😉 De voor velen erg gewilde freeware Dash-8 Q400 voor Aerofly Fs 2 is op Final en zal deze week nog landen op onze virtuele landingsbanen. Dit wordt de eerste kist binnen deze sim die veel meer te bieden heeft qua realisme en functies. En ze neemt als cargo een geweldige update met zich mee: 

” Progress Update!
Just to give everyone an update regarding the next update. After what should be one of the final rounds of testing it looks like an update is heading your way next week.In this update, you will see a core version update to Aerofly FS2 that will give you fixes to the following bugs;
* Shimmering buildings/houses in densely populated areas, especially in the LOWI (ORBX) scenery
* flickering night knighting; further improvements have been made to the night lighting. This update not only fixes the flickering lights but makes the entire scene more realistic flying at night.
* The core update also upgrades the advanced autopilot systems  to improve functionality across all aircraft that use advanced autopilot. A lot of work was done to improve this system (A320, B737, B747, C90Gtx, Lj45 and now the Q400. The Cessna 172 and Baron B58 autopilot is unchanged). ​
* The function to add a custom user folder has been added:
You can now define a custom user folder by adding your location to the field: <[string8][extra_user_folder][]> located within the main.mcf file. The location can be defined by placing it within the brackets of the command and saved.
For defining a custom scenery location the location must contain the sub-folder “scenery”. This will give you the ability to place your custom scenery in a location other than the documents folder located on the root drive. This will allow for Aerofly FS2 to scan for any image files in that location.
You can basically define any new hard drive location between the [] brackets. You can also add any subfolder that is inside of your user\documents\Aerofly folder into this new location and Aerofly FS2 will scan that location for scenery, aircraft repaints, etc.
This will allow for users with smaller root drives (where your documents folder resides) to place their scenery, airports, repaint etc. to a different hard drive.
* Last but not least the Dash 8 Q400 will be added to the Aerofly FS2 aircraft library. This new aircraft is a free upgrade and will be added as a DLC separate from the core update. The Q400 has been anticipated for quite some time now and the wait is over! This aircraft has much greater functionality over any previous aircraft and is truly a AAA quality aircraft that users will quickly deem as the best yet. Look for a detailed report directly from Jan (lead aircraft setter upper) on all of the new systems and functionality shortly after its debut.

As you can see, this is a much anticipated update that has a lot of new features and functionality, . A lot of work went into getting this out to you, and we are pleased to say that it’s on short final.

As always thank you for our support and patience.

Met dank aan ”drhotwing1” op het Steam forum, thanks mate! 🙂

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