PC Pilot – Maart/April 2017


Dit is toch wel mijn favoriete tijdschrift voor onze hobby Flightsimulator. Heerlijk op de bank van die kleine informatieve stukje lezen, reviews en ook vaak wel een technisch verhaal c.q. uitleg over het vliegen.

De uitgave maart/april is weer uit. Lees er ook meer over op PC Pilot.net.

Klik op ‘Verder lezen…’ voor een overzicht van de inhoud. Ik zal proberen hier nog op terug te komen.


  • Challenging Airports
    In this edition, Chris Frishmuth features the airport on Fernando de Noronha – a tiny airport 200 nautical miles off the coast of Brazil and discovers that it has its own unique considerations that make a visit worthwhile.
  • Just Flight 20
    We interview Just Flight as the company celebrates 20 years in the flight sim industry.
  • Virtual Airlines
    Jessica Bannister-Pearce takes a look at a lesser-known virtual airline: Adria Airways Virtual.
  • GA Back to Basics: Pre-flight and ground-handling procedures
    In this issue Peter Stark offers advice on pre-flight procedures and how to handle our bird on the ground as we continue to learn how to fly your sim like a pro by simulating private pilot training.
  • Flight Adventure: Northern Germany
    In this issue we explore northern Germany before tracking along the northern coastline to the East Frisian island village of Norderney…
  • Cockpit Building
    Jessica Bannister-Pearce’s cockpit is heading towards the homeward stretch, however, it’s now time to tackle the Flight Control Unit.
  • Wired2Fire Sim X-15
    Richard Benedikz takes a look at Wired2Fire’s new machine – the Sim X-15 – which uses the Kaby Lake processor and is equipped with the latest and fastest hardware currently available.
  • PC Maintenance
    Jessica Bannister-Pearce offers some important hints and tips on keeping your PC in tip-top condition.
  • Flight Sim Q&A
    Richard Benedikz covers a range of subjects in this issue including: the Oculus Rift, ATC audio, memory issues in FSX and AI traffic.

and much more!

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