FSTramp – versie 6.2 (FSX & Prepar3D)


FSTramp611De software FSTramp, min of meer de opvolger van FSNavigator en ook compatible met Prepar3D,  is onlangs weer geupdate naar versie 6.2. Lees meer over de mogelijkheden op de website. 20x gratis uit te proberen, daarna te koop voor € 30,-. (Let wel… Een licentie voor 1 jaar). Extra info: “FS Tramp 6.0 Snelstartgids (by Enno Laverman & Jan Dekker)”. 

Extensions in version 6.2:
  • As usual, in Version 6, the load or save a flight plan within FSTramp also causes the loading of this flight plan in the memory of the simulator. As an extension, and in memory of version 5, the load or save a flight plan initiated by the simulator causes now loading this flight plan in the memory of FSTramp. Deactivated if the flight plan in progress.
  • In automatic flight according to fligh plan, all waypoints, even if they are located in the smallest circle, flew over sequentially without skipping points.
  • If on the world map a flight plan waypoint touched with the mouse, and the info pop-up appears, this waypoint is scrolled into the visible area of the flight plan window and selected there.
  • The short stuttering of the simulator at the appearance of the info pop-up of FSTramp is eliminated.
  • The translucent checkered pattern on the world map, caused by compression artefacts of the elevation data, is reduced by an improved algorithm of decoding.
  • The used AIRAC cycle is displayed in the dialog box About FSTramp.
  • Above the usual flight plan window now resides an input-output line for flight plans in the form: SLLP TERAX UA304 VIR SLVR.
  • Airport procedures can be assigned to the airfields of the flight plan and saved with the flight plan file. The automatic routing has corresponding options, but also the manual association is possible. Although this feature at the moment seems insignificant, it is still the basis for the complete fusion of flight plan and airport procedures in the future.

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