Fly Elise-ng Cockpit setup


13497642_10154957095509867_434510171259579316_oGezien op Facebook. Een setup met 5 monitors. Waarvan ik begrijp dat er gebruik wordt gemaakt van de software van “Fly Elise-ng“. In een hardware setup van b.v. ELITE Simulation Solutions. En als Flightsimulator Prepar3D. Iets om nog eens verder uit te zoeken.

As a technology company with a passion for aviation, ELITE is always looking for ways to enhance the simulated flight experience for our customers. We found another company with an apparent passion for what they do—perfecting visual systems—and have teamed with them to perfect our LED TV-based visual systems.

Fly Elise-ng has developed unique software that works with Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D software, which is used in much of ELITE’s product line, that allows ELITE to correctly align each LED TV with the proper angle eye point and perspective. Up to this point, a single image needed to be stretched across 3 screens to create an illusion of a wider field of view. With Fly Elise-ng’s software, each LED TV gets its own correct viewing angle, creating less distortion than normal visual systems using flat screens.

“What a pleasure it is working with the support personnel at Fly Elise,” said Calvin Fraites, ELITE’s Chief Technical Officer. “Their software combines all of the elements I need to make our trainers even better—taking into account TV angles, bezel widths, and screen resolutions. I’m looking forward to adding this software to many of our existing customer’s visual systems.”

Customer inquiries are being accepted on new systems, as well as upgrades to existing ELITE Enhanced Visual System (EVS) customers. The upgrade will include a new license for Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v3. Contact Wayne Keyes, Sales, at

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