X-Aviation met Saab 340A versie 1.2

Saab 340AX-Aviation heeft naar alle bezitters van de Saab 340A een bericht gestuurd van een nieuwe update. In versie 1.2 zijn belangrijke aanpassingen gedaan die hebben geresulteerd in een lagere belasting van de computer wat leidt tot een verhoging van het aantal beelden per seconden. De bediening van diverse knoppen is tevens aangepast. Dit waren de grootste bezwaren tegen het overigens schitterende toestel (Platinum Award in PC-Pilot). Daarnaast is nu ook de nieuwe GPS van X-Plane geïntegreerd, wat een meer moderne navigatie mogelijk maakt. De (engelstalige) releasenotes zijn:

  • New Gizmo version with huge performance improvements over version 1.1 of the Saab.
  • Fixed bug in anti-skid system preventing user from applying brakes.
  • Fixed bug where changing the NAV selector would not display the proper annunciation on the EADI.
  • Fixed bug where Glideslope was not being recognized when switching between NAV1 and NAV2.
  • Adjusted reverse/beta/feather/norm modes.
  • Adjusted sound engine to handle negative gain.
  • Adjusted fuel crossfeed logic.
  • Logic for Xvalve and bleed valves re-written.
    • Changed bleed air and power requirements for proper operation.
  • DC selector dial reworked to be more user friendly.
  • AP engage delay time reduced.
  • Adjusted engine oil pressure warning parameters.
  • Corrected logic for determining valid signals for nav radios.
  • Adjusted logic when the Altitude Advisory speed is displayed on the EADI.
  • Corrected fuel pump logic on engine failure.
  • Autocoarsen logic revised to be more accurate per AOM.
  • OBS1, OBS2, Heading, and Altitude Selector manipulators changed to be more user friendly.
  • Added logic to “force” the Power Levers to the Ground Idle position for Auto-Start
  • Fixed bug where AP disconnect annunciation would appear at startup
  • Fixed bug in fuel used calculation.
  • Added NAV2 radio test logic to glideslope display.
  • Added Garmin GNS530.
  • Added scroll wheel manipulator option to G530 frequency selectors.
  • Removed Mini-GPS.
  • Complete re-work and update of all Collins ProLine II Radios.
  • Added new Collins ProLine II Radio 2D Pop-up with scroll & click for freq selectors.
  • Added scroll wheel manipulator option to 3D PLII radio frequency selectors.
  • Added User Preferences for scroll wheel adjustment and scroll zoom.
  • User Preferences are saved between sim sessions.
  • Added “Reset All” option to Virtual Checklist.
  • Added scroll manipulator option to altitude pre-select.
  • Adjusted prop animation in windy conditions
  • Added scroll manipulator option to HDG, CRS1, and CRS2 dials
  • Added Pop-up GUI for HDG, CRS1, and CRS2 panel.
  • Collins radios and digits lights now automatically ON at aircraft startup.
  • Corrected annunciation for ALTS and GS armed simultaneously.
  • Changed default sun visor position.
  • Adjusted dome lights.
  • Fixed numerous LIT texture files.
  • Added visual exhaust when HDR in use.
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