SSG met versie 1.2 voor B747-8

SSG_747-8_Release_1_2Supercritical Simulations heeft de Boeing 747 nog eens onder handen genomen en diverse bugfixes en verbeteringen doorgevoerd. De add-on is verkrijgbaar bij en Aerosoft. De lijst met verbeteringen zijn (in het Engels):

An important change in this version of the SSG 747-8 Series is that now you no longer need to update your navigation data inside the aircraft folder. This data can now be stored in a new X-plane/Custom Data/UFMC folder. To do this, create a new folder called “UFMC” in your X-plane/Custom Data/ folder. Then place all Navigraph or Aerosoft NavDataPro files into this folder. The SSG 747-8 Series FMC now looks first into this folder and then into the aircraft folder and respective aircraft’s plugin folder. Now the FMC will find the default AIRAC 1406 data into the plugin folder. No user changes are required. To update the data, place all your files into this folder and then you will can see in the FMC that the data being read is the from the “UFMC folder.”
The data files needed for the FMC are as follows:
Navigraph and Aerosoft have been notified to change their data package files and/or installer for future updates.

Other changes include:
– Wingtip strobes have been adjusted to reflect the timing of the LED strobes on the real aircraft (which are different from the Xenon strobe on the tailcone)
– The red anti-collision beacons are now controlled separately, allowing selection of LOWER and BOTH in the cockpit as in the real aircraft
– Visual enhancements to EICAS messages
– Tailstrike protection logic based on the real aircraft’s
– Flight Path Vector (FPV) function added to the Primary Flight Display (PFD). This can serve as an indirect angle of attack indicator and works as in the real aircraft
– External normal files by Leen de Jager showing enhanced aircraft skin details
– Cockpit texture enhancements by Kostas Koronakis
– External texture enhancements
– Wing flex is now slightly greater and the wing in Replay mode now stays lifted
– Minor fixes to the EFB
– ND waypoints and airport representation is now better and faster

Various FMC and autoflight improvements such as:
– Speed/altitude restriction operating in VNAV CLB and VNAV DES pages
– Better CLIMB autopilot behavior avoiding oscillations in most cases
– More realistic STAR/TRANS/RWY selection
– The destination runway/STAR/approaches transitions logic selection has been changed to match the real one
– A bug when selecting airways has been fixed. This is different from the custom data folder use
– Speedbrake / Thrust Lever logic implemented

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