Air Navigation Pro – versie 5.7

AirNavProDe software “Air Navigation Pro” geschikt voor de iPad/iPhone en zelfs voor de iPod Touch is geupdate naar versie 5.7. Deze software is bedoeld voor real life piloten, maar het leuke is dat deze software ook weer gekoppeld kan worden aan je flightsimulator. Dus zo kan je toch weer trainen en oefenen met de software. Te koop via de iTunes store. Er is ook een versie die geschikt is voor je iMac, waarbij je thuis achter de Mac ook je vluchten kunt voor bereiden. En uiteraard te syncen via je iPad (mini). 

What’s New in Version 5.7

What’s new :

QuickSearch module (from the WP menu):

– Added the ability to quickly search points, cities, documents associated with an ICAO id
– Added the ability to quickly input coordinates (in all supported formats) and convert to a point, direct to or add to route action
– Added the ability to quickly create a point relative to another point or location by bearing or radial and distance. Other modes supported such as bearing/bearing. Bearing/speed/time

Flight trace functionality:

– Added the ability to display flown trace live during the flight
– Added the ability to load a previously recorded flight as a trace (up to 5 at the same time)
– Added the ability to display the trace with colors related to altitude, horizontal speed or vertical speed (+/- 12m/s)

ATC Flightplan publication:

– Added the ability to quickly fill a flight plan to ATC from within the application
– The flight will be (mostly) auto filled from your current route and selected aircraft profile
– Flight plans are supported worldwide with our partner Skyguide (fees apply)
– Login your account for more information

Refactored flight recorder:

– Flight recorder is now independent of the Logbook
– Flight recorder will display recorded flights grouped by month and the most recent first
– Flight recorder settings are now directly in the “Recorded Flights” tool

URL waypoints/route importation

– Added the ability to trigger actions from a specially formatted URL. For example you can trigger a direct to, import waypoints or even create a complete route from an URL. Useful to quickly send “mission” information to other pilots by email, web or SMS.

– Fixed an issue with the antimeridian
– Fixed bugs

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