Virtual Radar Server 2.0.2 update

VirtualRadarLeuk om eens uit te proberen tijdens de vrije dagen. De ‘Virtual Radar Server’. Deze software kan gekoppeld worden met een ADS-B ontvanger (b.v. de zogenaamde RTL-SDR Stick), maar ook via je Flight Simulator (FSX) met de server geinstalleerd op je FSX PC. Je ziet jezelf dan op de kaart. Meer informatie via de website

Version 2.0.2 Released

  1. Fixed: The list sort order was not being loaded correctly.
  2. Fixed: Reports weren’t showing the line between the start and end points when running under Mono.
  3. Fixed: OperatorFlagCode and ModelIcao fields with invalid characters can no longer cause an exception to be thrown when displaying silhouettes or logos.
  4. Fixed: Reports now search all alternate callsigns for routes.
  5. Fixed: Operator flags and logos can be overridden by ICAO or registration, as per version 1 of the site.
  6. Added receiver range plot. Only receivers with a receiver location will have their range plotted.
  7. Added thumbnails for aircraft pictures from to the aircraft detail panel.
  8. Added support for showing different markers for ground vehicles and radio masts on the map.
  9. The number of lines of labels on aircraft markers is now configurable.
  10. Improved the way that circular routes (e.g. ORD-IAD-ORD) are displayed to the user.

The full list of changes can be found on the tracker.

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