Majestic Dash 8-Q400 update (Hotfix 1.00802b)

majestic q400Voor de Dash8-Q400 van Majestic Software is er een update (hotfix 1.00802) uitgekomen. Zo valt er te lezen op de website van Just Flight. Deze toch inmiddels wel populaire kist is ook te koop via simMarket

**********HOTFIX Version 1.00802b**********

Greetings Majestic Crew Members,

All of the vendors should now have the newest HOTFIX version 1.00802b uploaded to their servers.

this update you will find most of the common issues have been addressed and some of the
logic has been re-coded for better functionality. One
of the items which this update does have, which is new to the Q400 is the AUTO_RUDDER_FACTOR for those who don’t have the required hard for proper manipulation of the aircraft during certain phases of flight.

As always it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you back-up any important files especially your “.ini” and your “aircraft.cfg” to allow for easier porting of your liveries, that being said, place your additional liveries in a backup folder as well.

Provided is a list of all of the fixes and changes made to the aircraft since its previous version 1.00801

CHANGE LOG VER. 1.00802b

+ Incorrect altitudes propagation of the LNAV waypoints on the ND is fixed

+ Composite Brakes temperature simulation improved
+ Livery-specific passenger announcements logic fixed
+ incorrect DME receive ranges are fixed
+ BC mode is working
added AUTO_RUDDER_FACTOR into the [FLIGHTCONTROLS] section of
mjc84.ini. This factor will be taking into account when the
autocoordination is enabled in the FSX
+ Receiving range for NDB/VOR/DME adjusted
+ Morse codes playback after “Y” letter fixed
+ Cone of Silence simulation repaired
+ VOR OS mode is repaired

+ Procedural Turns navigation fixed
+ RCL function fixed
+ Manual overfly waypoints selection fixed
+ Overfly flag retrieval as part of the procedure from the database is implemented
+ RNP based NAV deflection is added
+ LNAV turn anticipation logic is re-done
+ Automated activation of VNAV during approach is added
+ VNAV transitions between waypoints with different altitudes will be smoother
+ SIDs will be scanned for runway transitions when presented by the FMS (LFPG case)
+ Fixed Intercept to AF Curve transition
+ Fixed approach course activation timing
+ Fixed VNAV governing within the arc path
+ FAF course will now be set the same as EOA course
+ VNAV will not provide a slope for offset approaches
+ New LNAV algorithm for line to curve, and curve to line transition
+ Fixed the incorrect IAF course for some approaches

Once again, we thank you for your patience and support. If you encounter what may appear as a bug, please feel free to post on the Majestic Software forum under the HOT FIX v1.00802b thread.

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