HiFi Active Sky 2012 SP3 (BETA) B5025

as2012onfinalActive Sky 2012 ServicePack3 (Beta) B5025 is sinds een aantal dagen al beschikbaar om te testen. Wilt u mee (beta) testen, dan vindt u hier meer info. 

SP3 – B5025


  • Fixed problem with possible SimConnect Exception while “Enhance Route Coverage” and “Create Virtual Stations” is enabled and a Flight Plan is loaded
  • Added PMDG 777 Integration:  Automatic aloft winds data exported during flight plan process
  • Fixed problem where a lowercase P3D folder installation path could result in improper sim path detection
  • Changed in-cloud visibility reduction to not reduce visibility in Cirrus cloud layers
  • New data stations added to server fetch and distributed station list: SCPQ, OMDW, ORNI
  • New data stations added to distributed station list: KXFL, VOBL, VOHS, ORER, ORSU
  • Note: New stations must be added manually or station database must be updated from server using Edit Station Database section of Wx Options screen, before these stations/data will show
  • Fixed decoding/parsing issue of some METARs with non-standard visibility and/or altimeter values, causing improper visibility or altimeter settings in some cases (i.e. OPSK, OPNH, VAUD)
  • Fixed bug related to above change causing many stations to go “interpolated” even with full valid METAR information
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