Angle of Attack – Black Friday

Black Friday, of te wel Zwarte vrijdag, is de dag van de aankopen. Angle of Attack gaat hierin ook mee en komt met een leuke aanbieding voor diegene die er snel bij zijn. Klik op ‘Verder lezen…’ voor het aanbod. 

Hey all!
For the first time ever, we’ve decided to do a Black Friday sale. Now, we realize you are going to be dominated by a ton of marketing this week, so we want to keep this all pretty simple.

Here it is!

737 GroundWork- 37% off for 37 people!
737 Captain’s Package- 37% off for 37 people!
747 Training- 47% off for 47 people!
767 Training- 67% off for 67 people!
MD-11 Training- 70% off for 11 people!
AviatorPro- only $1 for the first month for 20 people!

Plus, we will have LiveChat available during the sale to assist existing, new and future trainees with any questions.

Don’t Miss Out! Times? The sale starts at 12am EST Friday, November 23rd, and will remain open until Saturday November 24th 11:59pm EST, or until we sell out!

Throttle On!
Chris Palmer and the AOA Crew

PS- More details will be available on the front page of the website soon. All of these products won’t need a coupon code. It’ll simply work. But, this is a first come, first serve deal. 

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