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FranceVFR en FSAddon gaan samen werken aan een nieuw project. We hadden hier al eens een klein tipje van de sluier opgelicht. Het bijbehorende nieuws plaatje geeft ook al een idee wat voor plannen er zijn. Het wordt weer een geheel nieuwe beleving in Flightsimulator. Vooral voor diegene die zich interesseren in de geschiedenis. Ook voor onderwijs kan het een insteek zijn. Klik op ‘Verder lezen…’ voor het persbericht. 

FranceVFR and FSAddon Publishing Join Forces
We are Laurent Dupouey of FranceVFR ( and Francois Dumas of FSAddon Publishing ( and we are happy to announce that we have embarked on a mutual project for Flight Simulator X, the first part of which is planned to be published before Christmas 2012.
We have enjoyed a good relationships for many years and decided that now was the time to extend that relationship by having our companies start a project together.
We will have to leave you in suspense for a while longer regarding all the details of the new product, but can already tell you that it involves Normandy and that it is 'special' in more ways than one compared to any existing FSX project. Our news and associated website will unfold in the next few weeks!
FranceVFR is specialized in all sorts of landscapes and airfield products of a very high quality, specifically for France. It has its own webshop, support forums and a number of websites to cover a wide range of products.
FSAddon is not only a flightsim publisher and webshop, but also well-known for its many websites and associated (FS and other) communities. Its owner has been active in the flight simulator world for more than 35 years and apart from being one of the major publishers for FS is also a well known writer in the FS and aviation industry.
The new product will get its very own dedicated place on the new FSClassics website ( and we intend to build a new community around it and based on it, for customers, enthusiasts and developers. It will be ready for purchase in a few weeks from now and be made available on the FranceVFR webshop as well as on the FSAddon webshop.
The first product will be a 'base' with further expansion planned, but also allowing for freeware add-ons made specifically for it. We will provide some of those freeware add-ons ourselves as well, right from the start !
We are excited going forward together in this and are having fun developing already! We will keep you posted of progress and more details will be made available in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more !
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