ProSim737 – version 1.19

De cockpit software ProSim737 heeft een update ondergaan naar versie 1.19, met wel 20 verbeteringen. Hier de update items. Deze software is bedoeld voor de serieuze cockpit bouwers, die een B737 op een zo’n echt mogelijke manier willen vliegen c.q. bouwen. Tevens is de Jetstream AFM geupdate naar versie 1.4, maar is er nu ook een 737-700 model en voor Fs2004 is er nu ook een 737-800 model. De software is ook geschikt voor Prepar3D. 


October 24 2012  Release version 1.19
- Added alternate destinations pages in CDU
- Fix for phidgets analog card not enabled when in use
- Fixed IOCP output for MCP speed missing MACH/IAS mode when re-enabled through SPD INTV
- Added support for the PoKeys 7 segment expansion board
- Improved handling of PoKeys inputs
- Improved PoKeys net discovery
- Tuned AC voltage
- Direct-to in modified route will continue to calculate route from present position until EXEC is pressed
- Stallspeed is now adjusted by wingload
- Low speed maneuvering margin indicator in PFD improved
- Added gates for recirculation fan
- Added gates for hydraulics availability
- Fixed some instabilities in ProSim CDU
- Added Mach airspeed warning test switches
- Added TAT TEST switch
- Repositioning with runway translation now uses runway position data instead of start position data. This fixes incorrect positionings
  in addons sceneries that have runway start positions set at the holding point instead of the runway itself.
- Fixed F/O ADF2 needle incorrect in EFIS mode
- Fixed a problem where VNAV failed to command lower airspeed for a speed restriction during descent
- MCP speed cannot exceed VMO/MMO limit
- Autothrottle will engage in MCP_SPD if armed and speed enters into meneuvre limit
- LNAV improvements for DME arcs
- Fixed a problem where ProSim CDU could hang in CRZ page
- Added missing heading arrow in EFIS RMI

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