Infinite Flight v1.7 voor iOS

De software Infinite Flight is geupdate naar versie 1.7 voor de Apple producten. (iPhone & iPad). Betreft een mini uitvoering van een Flight Simulator. Altijd bij u op uw mobiele telefoon of iPad. Te koop en ook meer info via de Apple store. Update zal over 10 a 12 dagen pas beschikbaar zijn. De vernieuwde versie moet eerst weer goedgekeurd worden door de Apple Boy’s.

We are pleased to announce that we just pushed the new release to Apple for certification (windows phone marketplace coming soon). It usually takes 10 to 12 days for Apple to review the update, in the meantime here is the feature list for this update along with a short video showing it in action.

– Added support for the iPhone 5, iPhone 3GS, and iPod Touch 3rd Gen
– Added Replay (last 3 minutes of flight with advanced playback options, slow/fast, jog control, and pickup flight from any position in the replay)
– Added a new Boeing 767-300 + 10 liveries with winglets (IAP)
– Smooth List/Scrolling animations
– Flight Path Vector in the HUD
– New Camera Options (Tail, Wings, Landing Gear, Scenic Cam, and more)
– Temperature can now be set in the weather settings
– New ATC Sounds
– Animated Slats for the A321
– Fixed memory issues that caused crashes on load with the iPod Touch and other low memory devices.


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