Navigraph – SEP12 revision

Er zijn voor NaviGraph nieuwe Enroute Charts & Airport Charts uitgebracht. Met betrekking tot de nieuwe Enroute Charts gaat het vooral om Europa, Azië en Noord Amerika en m.b.t. de Airport charts betreft het nu de SEP12 revision. (batch #29). Klik op ‘Verder lezen…‘ voor de nieuwsbrief. De credits die u nodig heeft voor dit programma kunt u ook aanschaffen via uw account van simMarket.

=== New airport and enroute charts! ===


The airport charts and enroute charts available for download via the nDAC software have now been updated. The MAY12 revision has been replaced by the SEP12 revision (batch #29). More information about the coverage can be found on

We are pleased to announce that 131 airports have been added to a total of 1,750 airports, with 34,225 charts in total. The largest expansion in airport coverage can be seen in Australia with 56 new airports. Also India, UK and the US has seen significant coverage expansions.

Including this expansion of the coverage there are 68 updated enroute charts in total. The majority of the enroute charts covering Europe, Asia and Africa have been updated.

All for now…

The Navigraph Development Team

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