ProSim737 – version 1.18

De cockpit software ProSim737 heeft een update ondergaan naar versie 1.18. Hier de update items.
Deze software is bedoeld voor de serieuze cockpit bouwers, die een B737 op een zo’n echt mogelijke manier willen vliegen. 

September 27 2012  Release version 1.18
- Modified white dashed route now drawn on top of magenta active route
- New flap timing added. To use these, make sure your flap handle controls the new "flap" switch in the throttle/MCP tab.
- FSUIPC IO method improved to remove limits on arguments
- "Control via ProSim737 configuration" option is now always enabled in ProSim MCP
- Fixed ADF not tunable through CDU
- Fixed a problem with CPFlight MCP where the aircraft refused to turn with HDG SEL
- Autobrake now disconnects after manual brake input
- ProSim MCP now detects unregistered FSUIPC versions
- VOR/LOC mode will now allow some time between loss of signal and disconnect
- Autopilot can be engaged on the ground
- Electric loads tuned
- EICAS colors tuned
- Added option to ProSim MCP to override autopilot with yoke force
- Autopilot engagement inhibited when yoke is not in neutral position
- Window heat internal logic improved
- Fixed ILS frontcourse in CDU should show magnetic heading
- MAP and VOR/APP modes now have individual orientation configurations (heading up/track up)
- Improved EGT during start
- Fixed N2 reading increases while engine starter in ground position with no pneumatic power
- Flap and gear now depend on hydraulics
- Added more logging for switch changes
- Runway in ND is now drawn in correct length
- Some VNAV improvements
- Added support for FDS G2 based MCP's
- Fixed Localiser and G/S failflag in EFIS mode only appearing in captain side
- Added "VERIFY POSITION" message
- Added "INSUFFICIENT FUEL" message
- Added "USING RSV FUEL" message

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