ProSim737 – version 1.17

De cockpit software ProSim737 heeft een update ondergaan naar versie 1.17. Ook weer in dit forum-topic kunt u de verbeteringen doorlezen. Het heeft de naam ‘major-update’ mee gekregen. Dus zeker de moeite waard. Deze software is bedoeld voor de serieuze cockpit bouwers, die een B737 op een zo’n echt mogelijke manier willen vliegen. 

August 30 2012 Release version 1.17
– Fixed missing HDG and VERT flags when IRS is off
– Internal optimisations in ProSim Display
– Reshaped altitude prediction indicator
– Added single cue flight director option
– Added yaw damper gauge
– Added wet compass
– PFD pitch lines tuned to be a bit wider and close together
– Added carrier option for groundspeed display below speed tape
– N1 drawn in red only when N1 exceeds 100% and N1 limit
– Inactive route from dashed magenta to dashed white

– Added fix for CockpitSonic throttle to prevent reverser input from changing throttle when throttle > 10%
– Added “AC Power” gate
– Improvements to VNAV leg speeds
! Changed to Flight Illusion instruments:
! Yaw damper gauge is nolonger handled automatically, please configure using the “gauges” tab
! Standby airspeed gauge is nolonger handled automatically, please configure using the “gauges” tab
– Fixed a problem where along track waypoints were misplaced away from the track
– Leg course calculation now uses the leg point as calculation point instead of the origin point, resulting in better course calculation
– Fix for origin airport elevation being shown as ground alt in altitude tape after landing
– Fixed a problem with database building where empty airport information was included
– Added encoder support to generic driver
– Removed unusable “bright” gates for indicators that cannot be bright
– New engine startup model

– LEGS <wpt><rad>/<dist> format now allows <rad> with decimal point again (eg SPL130.3/10.0)
– Extended direct-to with intercept option legs to 500 NM
– Landing weight now settable in APPROACH REF page
– Runway entries in legs page renamed to RWxxx and selectable in FIX page
– Added <INDEX link on CDU MAINT NAV/COM page
– Better handling of FMC messages and CDU input during FMC messages
– Direct-to intercept course prompt on LSKR6 now stays until EXEC or ERASE
– Added refuelling option to CDU ground services
– Reformatted columns in CDU PROG page to fix overlapping text in 2nd and 3rd column
– Only first active VNAV restriction is colored in LEGS page
– Added “SELECT ACTIVE WPT/LEG” message
– Added “STEEP DES AFTER” message
– Added “THRUST REQUIRED” message
– Added “RW/APP CRS ERROR” message
– Added “UNABLE xxxKTS AT yyyy” message
– Added “CUTBACK DISARMED” message

– Better processing of mousewheel in ProSim MCP
– Autopilot now drops active modes when NAV received is retuned during VOR/LOC G/S operation

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John Akkermans
30 augustus 2012 22:20

Inderdaad een major update. Feedback van de gebruikers wordt goed meegenomen door de mannen van Prosom737. Bedankt, good job en top artikel.

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