FSFlyingSchool – v5.7.8

De software FSFlyingSchool Pro is geupdate naar versie 5.7.8. Meer info over dit leuk stukje software op de website. Deze software is ook te koop via simMarket. Volg nu de vlieglessen met de instructeur van FSFlyingSchool. 

What’s new in this version?

  • FSFlyingSchool’s chief instructor Mr Smith wants to make good use of your time on those quieter periods when you are cruising the simulated skies.
  • Get ready to benefit from his knowledge and wisdom as he describes over 50 new aspects of navigation, communications, instruments, controls, procedures and switches, all while you are flying quietly along with little else to do.
  •  As with most of FSFlyingSchool’s features, this is of course an option, so you can configure things the way you want.
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