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Er zijn al vele Flying Clubs. Iedereen maakt daar in zijn eigen keuze. Afhankelijk van je interesse en of vrienden die daar al vliegen, het aanbod, kwalitieit netwerk, community er om heen etc etc… Vertical Studios, bekend van b.v. de Camping Weekends, komt ook met een Flying Club. Voordeel, begeleid door real world FAA Certified pilot……. Meer info hier. Zullen we dan maar eens simFlight Flying Club vluchtje plannen 😉

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14 mei 2012 19:04


Good news … your feedback worked!!! We are pleased to offer $5.00 an upcoming fly-out during the beta release. This means fly-outs are now only $9.99.

Good job … and keep the feedback coming!

Kind regards,
Chris Klein
Vertical Studios

14 mei 2012 19:05

Oops … I meant: $5.00 OFF. We are offering $5.00 OFF an upcoming fly-out 🙂

Matthias Postema
13 mei 2012 23:39

Hi Chris,

Your’e welcome,

And dont forget, Keep up the good work! 😉




13 mei 2012 22:32

Hi Matthias,

Thanks. This is good feedback!

Kind regards,

Matthias Postema
11 mei 2012 09:22

Hi Chris,

Thank you for your reply, that’s nice 🙂
I think for a beta its fair to make it around 10 Euro, and when its ready, people can pay another 10 Euro to get the full version, i would not have any problem paying this extra 10 Euro.

I will buy it for sure!

Keep up your wonderful work,



10 mei 2012 20:07

Hi Bert, Matthias …

Thank you for your feedback about the price. The Flying Club is still in “beta” which means we are collecting user feedback about everything, including price. Do you have an idea of a price range that would make it attractive enough for you to want to participate?

Thank you in advance for assisting us in serving you better.

Kind regards,
Chris Klein
Vertical Studios

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