Multi Crew Experience – update

FS++ team kondigt zojuist aan een nieuwe update uitgebracht te hebben voor hun voice control software voor Fs2004 & FSX, ook wel bekend als Multi Crew Experience. De software kan nu ook overweg met de PMDG 737NGX. De software is ook te koop via simMarket.

The FS++ team has just updated the voice control add-on for FSX & FS9 to work with the PMDG 737NGX via the SDK.
Get your virtual co-pilot to flip those switches on voice commands.
Fancy doing things the professional way, let the co-pilot perform a chain of actions in the order and pace you choose, all triggered via a single voice command.
Talk to native FS ATC or Radar Contact ATC.

A Demo is available for download:

Thank you.
Ian Reilly
On behalf of the FS++ team

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