Nieuwe items in FSFlyingSchool Pro v 5.3


Deze video laat de nieuwe items en de mogelijkheden zien van de FSFlyingSchool versie 5.3 zien. De software is o.a. ook te koop via simMarket. Een leuke mogelijkheid om uw zelf zo te trainen dat u strakker en netjes blijft vliegen.

  • You can now set the local time of day for all your approaches. This is handy if you want to concentrate on daylight, or night-time approaches.
  • In addition – you can filter random approach airports so that they are confined to a single geographical region. A great way to explore the airports of a single country.
  • Now the the pilot can filter random approach airports by elevation. Specify the minimum and/or maximum elevation and get only the type of runways you are interested in. Great for practicing mountain flying and much more!
  • New version adds ability to filter random approach airports by those having ILS (Instrument Landing System) or having no ILS, or of course having either. 
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