FSDreamTeam GSX is uit !


Het antwoord van FSDreamTeam op AES is de software Ground Services X. (GSX). 2 jaar zijn ze met de ontwikkeling bezig geweest. Voor de vliegvelden van FSDreamTeam is het gratis, voor de overige velden moet je het kopen.

FsDreamTeam is happy to announce the release of their latest product, Ground Services X or GSX, their most ambitious project to date. After 2 years of development, this product will enable ground services like Follow Me, Marshalling, Baggage Loaders, Passenger Bus, Passenger Stairs, Catering vehicles and accurate Puhback with any FSX airport, both default and 3rd party.

GSX is a native FSX product, with Human animations and immersive 5.1 surround sound effects, featuring many different types of ground vehicles, selected depending on the user’s airplane type and geographical location, with each vehicle available in multiple liveries, with an easy to use PaintKit to add custom liveries.

A novel feature, Direct Airplane Interface, allows GSX to interact with several popular 3rd party airplanes that use custom controls for independent doors, keeping you busy operating your airplane while the ground crew does his job. GSX also recognizes airplanes with special features like Ground power units, Air starters, Wheel Chocks, APUs, and more.

New supported airplanes and improved custom support for 3rd party airports will be added regularly over time, and thanks to the powerful Live Update feature, users will get update notification automatically, with updates applied on the fly without having to restart FSX in most of the cases.

GSX is AVAILABLE FOR FREE at all FSDT Airports and a couple of default airports which will work for free even if the product is not purchased.

Purchasing GSX will allow to use it at all default FSX airports and with any 3rd party airport, provided it uses a standard .BGL (AFCAD).


The FSDreamTeam forum Team.

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jan tieland
8 februari 2012 17:43

Waar kan ik GSX voor mijn FSX downloaden??

Vriendelijke groet

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