Intrasystem – Cockpit Status v1.4

Van Intrasystem het programma “Cockpit Status”. Zoals de naam het al zegt, het geeft een overzicht van je cockpit status weer. De aircraft data, zoals Fuel, Flight plan, Com’s, etc.. Het communiceert via fsuipc en het mooiste is om het programma op je 2e monitor te laten draaien. Meer info en verkrijgbaarheid via simMarket. De software is nu geupdate naar versie 1.4.

The final Version 1.4.0 including 2 programs:
CockpitStatus is the original program with the unique AT-IasHold feature for any aircraft from 1 Prop to 4 Jets.
   It does not use any control like Pitch or V/S but only Engine-Pressure.
   — CockpitStatus is now including the complete Approach System. 
The Approach System is working with any Runway and does not need any Ils Freq! Never get Lost!
   – complete HSI showing Pitch/Deviation/Bank
   – a virtual Waypoint is created for any Runway at a distance of 15nm aligned with the Runway.
   – Avionic, AP, Lights, Fuel, Radio. If you don’t find a switch just click on.
   – Airport Search + Filter feature with 4 different search criteria + distance.
   – CockpitStatus can create his own Direct-TO FlightPlan.
   – All Instruments are shown as ‘Progress-Bars’ like Ils, Adf, Vor, Dme, indicating all Bearing-Variations.
   – Description: Readme_CockpitStatus.pdf + multilanguage Text-Files. UK, DE, IT.
   – The Intrasystem Web-Page is including a link to the Readme ‘pdf’ description in detail. 
ATIasHold is a smaller sized program using:
   – a PRECISION APPROACH SYSTEM – own calculated Rwy-Deviation + Rwy-Radial Alignment routines.
   – the AT-Iashold feature
Compared with Cockpit-Instruments you will notice that this Approach System is more accurate with a quicker response.
CockpitStatus is using FSUIPC and can be connected on a Network using WideFS.  
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