GaugeMaster – Freedom to design

Iets voor cockpit bouwers ? Teken je eigen ‘faceplate’ voor je cockpit instrumenten. Via een App op je iPad via het programma GaugeMaster. Meer info daarover hier.


Designing dial gauges with generic drawing programs, bitmap or vector based, can be extremely time consuming. Instead use your iPad to sketch or draw your gauge ideas quickly and effortlessly. No maths or geometry calculations needed! Just concentrate on your design. By using simple editing gestures common on the iOS environment (drag, pinch, tap) create beautiful rounded dial faces with three customizable objects types: Color Arcs, Tick Marks Arcs, and Text Arcs. GaugeMaster also features powerful functions such as unlimited layers, gradients, and colour opacity.

If you need to design simulator indicators, custom car dial panels, or engineering meter dials, check GaugeMaster website:

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