iFly 737NG Pro Cockpit Builders Edition

Ook tijdens het afgelopen FSweekend kon u de software van Flight1 & iFly737NG de Home Cockpit Builders Edition software werkend zien. Op de MIP van FlyEngravity. Deze special edition kan de schermen van de cockpit verdelen over diverse computer schermen c.q. PC’s die in het netwerk hangen. Normaal is dit niet mogelijk met de standaard iFly of b.v. bij de PMDG software. De configuratie van de schermen verloopt heel simpel. Deze software is tot 14 november nog in de aanbieding. Meer info over deze software via de webshop van Flight1.


Home Cockpit Builders Edition of the Flight1/iFly 737 Announced

Flight1 and the iFly Development Team are pleased to announce that the Home Cockpit Builders Edition of the award-winning iFly 737NG series will be launched at the Lelystad FS Weekend in Holland, on the 5th and 6th November 2011.

Come and witness the software in action at the Flight1 stand and see for yourself how easy this software is to configure across multiple networked computers and displays. This will transform your 737NG Cockpit build with a one-box solution.

The software seamlessly integrates with the current iFly 737NG for FSX, giving users the ultimate in flexibility in their choice of 737NG model and allows fitting out their cockpit with their choice of Boeing factory options. We also have worked with multiple hardware vendors to make sure the 737NG connects to a wide range of cockpit components. Making a home cockpit has never been so easy!

Using its own protocol, the client PC’s connect with FSX and the iFly 737NG using client/server technology, allowing the user to create all of the gauges required for the perfect 737NG flight deck. You only need FSX on one computer! The Home Cockpit version software uses many standalone components, and it all links together through self-discovery protocols to the main cockpit server, which seamlessly runs on the FSX/iFly computer. No 3rd party programs, or confusing network configurations are required.

The following Gauges are available in this package and can be added to any screen as one single display, or across multiple networked computers and displays, mixing and matching as required.


  • PFD
  • ND
  • FMC(display and Full FMC option)

First Officer:

  • PFD
  • ND
  • FMC(display and Full FMC option)

Engine Displays:

  • Upper DU
  • Lower DU

Standby gauges

You can have the Captain or First Officer’s PFD and ND on one display, or split across separate computers or displays. Likewise you can add the set of Standby gauges to the Upper DU screen if a shared monitor is covering both of these systems. The FMC CDU is available as a borderless ‘screen’ only for use in hardware devices, or as full CDU for single screen use with mouse interaction or touch screen input as required. The overhead panel can be fed to secondary monitors connected to the main FSX/iFly computer, and placed in an overhead mount for even more realism.

This package offers the ultimate flexibility – removing the need for numerous programs to achieve the same effect. Simply start FSX and Select the iFly 737NG of your choice and the server will automatically connect with your client PC’s. The preselected gauges will then open automatically on the appropriate displays.

To celebrate the launch, home-cockpit builders will be able to purchase a special ‘pre-release’ edition of this software at the Lelystad show for only €300 (with replacement disc and printed manual on final release). A complete version including the iFly73NG aircraft expansion for FSX will be €330.

Flight1 will be running this offer through to November 14th from both www.Flight1.com and www.SimStop.com – with a saving of $50 off the regular release price. This software works out at great value for the features, so get in early!

The iFly 737 for FSX will be available in two formats, either complete with a copy of the iFly737NG FSX Edition so you have everything in one box, or if you already own a licensed copy of the iFly 737NG for FSX, a reduced price without the ‘iFly737NG for FSX’ disc in the box.

Complete Edition available at $475
Upgrade Edition for exiting iFly737NG FSX users at $415

Offer runs through to midnight November 14th, after which time prices will be $50 higher.

Visit Flight1.com or SimStop.com for full details.

Note: This product is only available in boxed edition and cannot be purchased as a downloadable product. The software is for home and personal use only and is not for training or commercial use.

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