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Vorig jaar was Simkits de sponsor van de beroemde FSweekend keycords. Je kon toen ook een kort vluchtje maken in hun Cessna TRC472 Cabin setup. Eigenlijk alleen op de linker stoel, de passagier zat er maar naast. Dit jaar wordt dat anders ! Zij tonen dit jaar op het FSweekend een prototype van een dual yoke setup. Dus als passagier kan je nu ook zeggen “I’m in control”. Later zal er ook nog force-feedback aan toegevoegd worden.

The first weekend of November, on November 5 and 6, is traditionally the weekend of the FS Weekend in the Aviodrome venue in Lelystad. As usual, we will be present, to show our high quality range of professional Flight Simulator Products. We will show our TRC 472 F Cabin setup, with a prototype of our professional dual yoke set-up. The yokes are mechanically linked to resemble the same feeling as in the real aircraft. When the professional dual yoke set-up becomes available, it will be also available with control loading (force feedback). As a visual we will use three 42 inch LCD screen. Next to the TRC 472F Cabin set-up, we will also show our TRC 1000 Complete Glass Cockpit running the official hardware version of the G1000 Student Simulator.

If you want to bring us a visit, we are located in the center of the museum area of the Aviodrome. Here you can find the floor plan (pdf).

New Markets, New SimKits Dealers
To meet the growing demands of our flight simulator products in the Middle East and Asia market, we have appointed three new dealers who will represent our company in their regions. For China we have appointed ShangHai KaSuo Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. in Shanghai and Aeroer Technology Co. Ltd. in Beijing. For North Africa and the Middle East we have appointed MoyaTech in Egypt to represent our company. Any questions related to sales, support or general inquiries can be directly addressed to our dealers which can be found here: SimKits Dealers

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