Blue Sky Scenery – AVSIM Award

Gottfried Razek en Joop Mak van Blue Sky Scenery zijn apentrots , dat de kiezers van hun scenery hebben gekozen tot de beste freeware scenery van 2011. Klik op ‘verder lezen…’ voor de overige uitslagen.

The Reader’s Choice Awards Presented

Posted: Sunday, October 16, 2011 – 14:23

The Avsim Social was held last night sponsored by PMDG, both new and long-time friends joined Avsim’s Staff in a Soiree featuring presentation of the Bravo Zulu & Reader’s Choice Awards. The Hilton’s Staff kept the party going in fine style while the members enjoyed the presentations and joined fellow aviation enthusiasts in the annual post Board Meeting Get Together.

The Reader Choice Awards were presented in the following categories:

1. Commercial Aircraft: IFLY 737
2. Commercial Scenery: ORBX PNW
3. Commercial Utilities: REX OVERDRIVE
4. Commercial “Other”: ORBX PEOPLE FLOW

5. Freeware Aircraft: ANT’S TIGER MOTH
6. Freeware Scenery: BLUESKY
7. Freeware Utilities: AIRPORT DESIGN EDITOR

9: “Best” Forum Member: DAVID “OPA” MARSHALL
10: Lifetime Achievement Award: PETER DOWSON

Our congratulations to the finalists and gratitude to Pete Dowson who truly deserves the honour for his long efforts to provide enhancements to the FS Platform that would be unavailable without him, and to “OPA”, words are not enough to thank you and say how you are missed.

Full coverage of the Bravo Zulu and Reader Choice Awards will be available in the Forums once the Staff gets back to their Home Bases, many thanks for all who participated in the evening, PMDG for its support and to those who took a moment and voted.



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