Google Earth Flight Simulator – update v0.7

Google Earth Flight Simulator komt nu uit met verise 0.7. Klik op ‘verder lezen…’ voor wat er toegevoegd cq veranderd is.

It’s been a little while since the last release and I have been hard at work at improving the general experience flying GEFS. As the number of users and the complexity of the planes grow, I had to spend some time doing optimization to make sure things keep running smooth. Here is a list of changes in this new version.

  • more realistic flight model based on thin airfoil theory (aka. lifting-line theory)
  • adjusted all aircraft configuration for a more realistic behavior
  • introduction of the “time slider” to set time of the day (enable it from the Weather Option panel)
  • added Airbus A380
  • added Sukhoi Su-35
  • 3D scene-graph has been rewritten (performance)
  • new hosting
  • new default airport: LAX
  • bug fixes
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