FSmagazin – 06 2011

De nieuwe FSmagazin komt a.s. donderdag weer uit. Verkrijgbaar via de kiosken in Duitsland/Oostenrijk & Zwitserland. En uiteraard via een abonnement thuis gestuurd. Ook in Nederland verkrijgbaar via b.v. de LHShop (EHAM) of de Pilot Shop (EHLE). Klik op ‘verder lezen…’ voor een inhoudsopgave.

Here is an excerpt from the relevant and accurate compiled contents:

Short News

Sceneries (Payware)

– Boost for Greece Fly Athens
– No Rome of the East: Vilnius X
– Very windy: Azores 1 and Ponta Delgada LDDP
– Frosty parking place for airplanes: Anchorage X
– Lots of ashes for your money: Hawaiian Airports Volume 2

Sceneries (Freeware)

– Pimp my FIMP: Mauritius by Max Kraus
– Keep the blue Side up: Blue Sky Scenery

Airplanes (Payware)

– The king is dead – long live the king: PMDGs 737NGX
– The boss’es responsibility: B337 Captain of the Ship
– Jack of all G1000 trades: Cessna T182T

Tools (Donationware)

– The new best friend for FS X: LINDA


– Training with challenges: Formula One over Switzerland (Part 1)


– The small one for the big journey: Bombardier Challenger 300

As ever this issues will be completed by other interesting stories linke the simFlight pages, part two of our cockpit builder series and others more.


This time readers will find a A1-calendar-poster for 2012 to be sticked on the walls. Shown are all events of interest for pc pilots in 2012 the FS MAGAZIN got knowledge about until short before the deadline for printing. Follow ups that will be reported later can be put on by hand as a reminder.

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