IRIS Simulations – C-27J Spartan v1.2

Voor diegene die het wel leuk vinden om met militaire toestellen te vliegen, komt IRIS Simulations met de C-27J Spartan uit. Het toestel ziet er wel indrukwekkend uit. Echt wel iets om militaire missies mee te vliegen. Meer info met screenshots via b.v. simMarket waar dit toestel te koop is voor € 40,46 ! Inmiddels is er een update naar versie 1.2. Klik op ‘Verder lezen…’ voor de update.

IRIS Flight Simulation Software have now released an update to their recently released Platinum Series C-27J Spartan. This comprehensive update incorporates the following changes:

  •  Corrected the entry in the manual for refuelling procedures to indicate correct refuelling speed.
  •  Alternate panels for the HDG and CRS knobs have be added to the main instrument panel in the virtual cockpit for ease of use.
  •  Performance reference sheet has been added to the manual.
  •  Prop Time constant has been adjusted for SP2 machines.
  •  Engines fully recoded based on official documentation from Dowty and Rolls-Royce for a more realistic performance and limitations.
  •  Auto-feather control gauge now works off engine N1 rather than throttle position.
  •  Top end speed has been adjusted to published value of 325 knots.
  •  Audible Master Caution warnings have been removed for the rear doors and cargo ramp.
  •  VMS is now disabled by default on ground or airborne sim loading.
  •  Additional viewpoints have been added to the virtual cockpit.
  •  Garmin GPS added to the cockpit as an optional popup for user friendly navigation.
  •  Wind Speed/Direction added to the HSI.
  •  Groundspeed added to PFD.
  •  AP Modes added to PFD.
  •  Radar Alt added to PFD.
  •  G-Meter added to PFD.
  •  Outer/Middle/Inner Marker indications added to PFD.
  •  Time over Target (TOT) adjusted to show local time of arrival over waypoint rather than time TO target.
  •  Autopilot functions enhanced for automatic cut-off of various duplicate systems.
  •  Concept aircraft EC-27J Helios and AC-27J Stinger II added to the model listings.
  •  Engine overheat and fire simulation added.
  •  Optimized various systems code for better systems integration.
  •  Updated aircraft flight model for better overall performance.


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