Luis Gordo – Instructor Station v1.60


Luis Gordo heeft een leuk programma geschreven. “Instructor Station”, waarbij je als instructeur b.v. het vliegtuig overal kan plaatsen en zo de leerling zijn vlucht kan laten aanvangen. Het weer kan je ‘plotseling’ veranderen en nog veel meer. Bekijk de video maar eens en klik op ‘Verder lezen…’ voor het persbericht.

Version 1.60 of the INSTRUCTOR STATION for Flight Simulator has been released. This version includes the following new features:

  • * Aircraft positioning at airport gates.
  • * “On ground” functionality added to ‘Position’ tab (this sets the parking brakes and enables the ‘Freeze’ mode when positioning aircraft on ground).
  • * Flight events (i.e. gear up/down, flaps position, etc.) are now plotted in Google Earth in real time!
  • * Aircraft altitude and speed (IAS) are now shown in Google Earth in real time!
  • * Extended maximum data logging time to over 3 hrs.
  • * Increased robustness (several bugs fixed).
  • * ‘NAVCOM’ tab added, with navaid database (frequencies and positions). Enables aircraft to be positioned at a certain navaid (VOR, NBD, etc.). Transferrs ILS of the selected runway/navaid to NAV1, etc.

For direct download go to:

For more information:

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