SimAVIO op CBS News

Van SimAVIO een persbericht waarin zij aangeven dat hun software wordt gebruikt in de Dream Chaser Simulator. Meer info en beelden in de video van het TV Programma CBS News. Deze software is ook te koop via simMarket. Meer info nog via het Forum.

The video shows former NASA astronaut Jim Voss, flying the Dream Chaser simulator with SimAVIO glass panel displays.   Mr. Voss heads the space exploration team at Sierra Nevada Corporation, one of four privately-owned companies in a NASA-supervised competition to design and build a successor to the space shuttle. NASA is helping fund the companies and Sierra Nevada got $100 million in seed money

Instrument Builder is ideal for rapid prototyping of avionics systems in research and development applications. Sierra Nevada engineers used their own flight dynamics model with Simulink  (MATLAB) and two-way communications with SimAVIO via UDP protocol.   Entirely new instruments were created for the EFIS display, such as glide-path track and glide range ring.


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