FSMagazin – Augustus / September 2011

Volgende week moet het nummer nummer van FSMagazin ook weer in de brievenbus verschijnen. Een twee maandelijkse uitgave. Dit ‘zomer’ nummer heeft 8 pagina’s extra. Klik op ‘Meer lezen…’ voor een overzicht van de inhoud. Let ook even op de laatste info. Vanaf morgen te downloaden. En er is nog 20 euro te verdienen.

Once again two months have passed by on the fly. But now FS MAGAZIN 5/2011 will be out soon – again plus eight pages more – and among a lot of others this articles:

Short News

    – Mega Airport Zuerich 2012
      …see the interview with the publisher and the designers on www.simflight.de – it will be available from the day of publication of FS MAGAZIN 5/2011 on!
    – An island to fall in love with: Bornholm 2011
    – The new gate to the Riviera Maya: Cancún International Airport 2011
    – A pearl on half the way: Marshall Islands
    – iFly 737NG Flight Simulator X Edition: The break-through
    – Journey into history: Comet Jetliner
    – H36 Dimona X: Back to the roots
    – Facelift for Wilco-Classics: Airbus Evolution

 …exclusive simFlight-pages with “Nice approaches” und “What the scene affects”

    – CH-54 Tarhe and S-54 Aircrane: Flying cranes for FS X
    – ATC-game for in between: Tower!2011
From – via – to
    – Pacific Northwest : A little round trip
Cockpit Builder
    – No more skidding pedals: The build of a Twotter-Cockpit (Part 1)
    – Very british: Harrier Jump Jet
    – 410 pages of concentrate knowledge: X-Plane compact


The 16 page plusarticle this time is about (new) sceneries out of and for Far East. It is available as free download from Monday, August 1st, 2001, on: www.fsmagazin.de/download/FSPlusartikel5_2011.pdf


FS MAGAZIN is available printed at newspaper-stands at train stations and airports in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The publisher leserservice@fsmagazin.de offers older issues (as long they’re are on hand) in addition.

At simMarket www.simmarket.com and Pressekatalog www.pressekatalog.de PDF-issues can be bought as downloads, too.

You can get FS MAGAZIN as well by subscription at fair conditions: www.fsmagazin.de/abonnieren.html or contact leserservice@fsmagazin.de (english spoken).


Every new subscriber will get a 20-Euro-coupon at simMarket www.simmarket.com.
Who will recruite a new subscriber will get one issue of FS MAGAZIN for free – existing subscribers will get an extension of their subscription for one issue.

Have lots of fun reading – the bad weather is ideal for this!

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