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De software van Flight1 Aviation Technologies, de Garmin G1000 Student Simulator, werkt samen met de hardware van Simkits, de TRC1000. Een perfecte combinatie om de Garmin G1000 beter te leren kennen. De TRC1000 van Simkits is voor 100% een replica van het echte. U kunt thuis al vele scenario’s alvast oefenen en alles goed op u inlaten werken, zonder de stress van het vliegen zelf er nog bij te hebben. Kopje koffie in de hand en rustig alle functies ontdekken. Meer info op de product pagina van Simkits.

The best Garmin G 1000 trainer on the market today is now available as a package deal. TRC Simulators, known for their highly realistic flight training devices, and Flight 1 Aviation Technologies, known for their high quality flight training software, have teamed up to create the most realistic and cost-effective Garmin G1000 trainer available. Designed for use with Microsoft® Flight Simulator X, Microsoft® ESP™, or Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D™, the TRC Simulators TRC 1000 Complete Glass Cockpit and the Flight1 Aviation Technologies Garmin G1000 Student Simulator work together to create an unmatched G1000 training environment.

The TRC 1000 Complete Glass Cockpit is a 100% scale replica of the most popular Garmin 1000 and Garmin 900 (G1000 and G900) glass cockpit systems found in many modern aircraft. The hardware is produced from quality ABS using plastic injection molding and high quality electronics. All buttons and knobs function like the real-world G1000 interfaces they simulate. Even the Joystick function on the right hand side of the PFD and MFD bezels is implemented. The PFD and MFD feature high resolution TFT screens that can be connected to a computer’s USB or VGA ports.

The G1000 Student Simulator Hardware Edition is a software application specifically designed to interface with the TRC 1000 Glass Cockpit and with Flight Simulator X, ESP, or Prepar3D. The G1000 simulation runs outside of the flight simulation in its own windows and can be run on the same machine as the flight simulation, or on a separate machine connected via a network.

The G1000 Student Simulator software accurately models the G1000 features VFR and IFR pilots use most frequently, including the Primary Flight Display (PFD), Multi-Function Display (MFD), and Audio panel. The simulation includes an integrated Garmin GFC 700 digital Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS) that realistically models the flight director, autopilot, and related PFD annunciations. Real-world vertical and lateral modes modeled include Flight Level Change (FLC), Vertical Navigation (VPTH and ALTV), and Glidepath (GP) for WAAS approaches.

The TRC 1000 Glass Cockpit provides a training experience just not possible when operating a G1000 simulation with a mouse and a keyboard. The Flight1 Tech G1000 Student Simulator provides a level of realism that goes far beyond what the default Microsoft or Lockheed G1000 simulations (or third-party derivatives based on the same code) provide. Together, these two products maximize efficient learning and minimize negative transfer from the simulation environment to the airplane-making habit pattern errors less likely during stressful periods of high activity. The result is a safer G1000 pilot.

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