Flight1 – Cessna Skylane 182 TC Vaderdag editie

Flight1 heeft begrepen hoe je een vader echt blij kan maken op vaderdag. Met de snelle release van de Cessna Skylane 182 TC met de Garmin G1000 cockpit. Een download link kunt u vinden in dit forumtopic van Flight1. Veel vliegplezier toegewenst.

Uit het forum gedeelte:

OK gentleman… It’s Fathers day. So happy Fathers day.

It is also Fathers day for me too, which means if you have any issues, they will have to wait, seeing how this is a early, private release and a special holiday.

There also are a few last minute changes I had to make, so beware, we may have broken something. I doubt it, but stranger things have happened.  In a few days, there will be a licensed forum area for the 182 and all questions will be centered there and only for licensed, registered users.

This is a neat little airplane that has a pretty high immersion factor + plenty of cool features. It’s not a Garmin trainer! But it does have a very nice G1000 in it. Keep it all in perspective and this will be one that you will want to keep in your hangar.
Have fun.
Jim Rhoads
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