Google Earth Flight Simulator – update v0.6

Google Earth Flight Simulator komt nu uit met verise 0.6. Kijk even op zijn website voor de verbeteringen c.q. toevoegingen.

A limited release (due to very limited time) to fix a few bugs and add a set of minor features:

– Dynamic wind: terrain deflects wind to generate dynamic lift (now I just need to make the glider that goes with)
– Layered wind (different speed and direction at different altitudes) to be used with Major Tom.
– Added the McDonnell Douglas MD-11
– Introducing “Major Tom” a hot air balloon to drift along the country-side.

I decided to increase the version number by a major 0.1 as I also re-factored quite a bit of code. Though, this is not visible to end-users, it is a major improvement on my side of things πŸ˜‰

Have a nice flight.

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