Andras Field – Update v1.16

Er is weer een update voor het fictieve vliegveld Andras Field. Update v1.16. Het betreft wederom een nieuwe download. Deze is te downloaden via uw account waar uw ook de software heeft aangeschaft. Een review over dit vliegveld kunt u hier nog eens nalezen. Avsim & Mutley’s Hangar. De scenery is o.a. te koop via simMarket. “Andras Field“. Voor de liefhebbers van Facebook, Andras Field is ook daar aanwezig.

Info from the Aerosoft page:

It’s not that Andras Field was in hibernation but it was a while since we had news about it. Well now we do. First of all the management decided to move the newsfeed about Andras Field to Facebook (the forums stay where they are and are still pretty busy). Secondly the update to 1.16 added a lot of fun for helicopter pilots as many houses now have helicopter landing platforms. Thirdly the update brings spring to the airport, and many of the summer animations are back. And last but not least, Andras Field is now available in our Virtual Airline range reducing the price for those pilots who fly for one of the VA’s we got a deal with.

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